Thursday, July 10, 2008

if you ain't got the cash, use credit!

I interviewed Tim Fite on tuesday, and it went sooo well. At first it was like pulling teeth from a reluctant kid, but he slowly dropped his odd act and showed off his smart and funny side. One thing he said I thought to be really interesting was this:

"There’s a difference between a show and a party and music is a fucking lame ass excuse for a party. It’s a great excuse for a show. Parties don’t generally get a lot done but shows kinda do because you can expose things. If I show something to you, that’s an exposure, if you show something to me, that’s an exposure, and that’s an exchange. Parties are consumptive and I like shows better than parties and I feel like a lot of the shows I go to have been misnamed because they’re more like parties. And that doesn’t always work out."

He's playing here on Tuesday with the Watson Twins. You can be sure to find me there doing the head-shoulders-knees-and-toes dance. You can read my story about Fite here.

As for other concerts, I'll also be reviewing No Age on Wednesday. I'm stoked because for once I'm going to a concert with a big group, I'm getting back into taking pictures of shows, and the band's just really sweet too, you know.

I also went to go see a band called Recovery Child today, too. I wrote about them in first year for the Eyeopener, and that was a great experience. The singer Ryan recently got in touch with me after he saw my name on Chart's North by Northeast report cards, haha. It was a little bummer because not many people showed tonight, and also it's newer material therefore they weren't as comfortable on stage as when I last saw them, but I see good things in their future. (P.S. as I just looked at the link I've posted above, I realized he wore the same shirt today as back then. Ha.)

I tried reading This Is Your Brain On Music, but it's a little too textbooky for me right now. Hm, what else is on my shelf ....

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Jesse said...

You didn't tell me he was playing with The Watson Twins! Mannnn.... That shows keeps sounding better and better.