Thursday, May 29, 2008

the kids don't know how to dance to rock and roll!

oh sam roberts, i like to think i know how to dance to rock and roll, but you caught me. hands tied, face down, ashamed of her white girl dance moves that just happen to make her feel oh-so-good.

first blog post? not really.
*i've had at least 8 blogs. maybe this will be the winner?
i usually lack what some call patience and lead what others call a busy life. therefore, this is a challenge. i WILL blog.

i currently am in the middle of preparing for an interview with Sea Wolf that's in fifteen minutes, thinking about a history paper i have to write by next week, spinning mental webs of un-bloggable things, and yet all i can concentrate on is how much i want to dance to rock and roll.

we are the keepers of the backbeat.

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