Tuesday, June 3, 2008

don't you be a traffic light

i have never wanted free time more. it pains me to watch my roomates relax. why is one measely history class and random retail hours consuming my life? it shouldn't, that's for sure. three more weeks. three more weeks. three. more. weeks. and this hell is over. i am being spoiled. but when i am consumed in a messy room, hearing the Simpsons on television upstairs, and daydreaming about how I'm going to London in January, thinking about writing a 2500 word history paper is not my cup o' tea.

i took a nap today on my office's uncomfortable couch with a child-like pillow and blanket with truck fabric. oddly enough, it was the best nap i've had in a while.

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cheepcheep said...

Jess! Now I can join you in the pain of being employed. I hope the stress eases up, my dear.