Monday, June 23, 2008

lagging tales: NxNE part 2

Day Two (North By Northeast festival, Friday June 13), for me, wasn't as great. It started with Dallas Green look-a-likes and ended with a Bedouin Soundclash set I didn't catch. (The end for me was another man associated with Mr. CC).

My highlight: Moneen. I didn't have to write a report card, and was a little put down about it, because the set included a girl fight, crowd surfers that almost took down parts of the ceiling, insane asian boys moshing together, and quite a number of bruises. Oh well. Moneen isn't exactly a band I listen to often (or in the past year) but they sure put on one hell of a show, especially in a place such as the upstairs of the El Mocambo.

The openers I don't feel much like talking about: Songs From A Room, Casey Baker & The Buffalo Sinners, and Black Lungs.

Other highlights: A leaking ceiling, actually finding people I knew there to hang out with, being completely thrown off because I hadn't been to a hardcore show in a year, and a large fan. Oh and being completely drenched by rain afterwards.

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