Monday, February 9, 2009

RSS Reads: As of Feb. 9th and it's a doozy

Alright, so I haven't updated my music news in a while and I won't in another long while as Ryan's finally coming tomorrow!

So, in light of me being exhausted already (weekend in Manchester, check it out on my Abroad Blog) and that I'll be bringing so much news to you right now, it will be very brief. Enjoy!

Alright, so everyone's going nuts over Twitter..
-David Bowie denies any ties with it (NME)
-Erykah Badu births to it (Pitchfork)
-Pitchfork gives you guides to the rockstars who use it (Pitchfork)
-So does CBC (CBC Radio 3)

Now, here's some awards announcements:
-Independent Awards announced, pretty good (National Post)
-Grammy performance videos (Pitchfork)
-These two missed out on the grammies for lameness (National Post)

UK things:
-Pete Doherty to teach. At a University. In Dublin. (Pitchfork)
-New evidence on the Sid and Nancy debacle in film. [it's playing in London soon, yay!] (Exclaim!)
-The two inches of snow caused insanity in London last week. So much so that Coldplay, Blur, and Radiohead canceled an event they were going to have there.
-Sigur Ros gave away music in a London newspaper, bringing happy commercial-like times to all. (Pitchfork)
-Amy Winehouse's soon to be former house in Camden Town was messed up more than she could do herself. (NME)
-The Virgins managed to offend the most powerful British popstars in one hit. (NME)
-Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) is coming back to London. (Londonist)
-Noel Gallagher thinks he can be Britains future Prime Minister. Better name than Boris, at least. (NME)
-London-based artist thats everywhere, Lily Allen, has admitted to being normal. Again. (NME)
-Guy that was sacked from Arctic Monkeys was depressed. ORLY? (NME)
-Famous Beatles cover band played on the iconic rooftop before the Bobbies came. (NME)
-Yet somehow John Lennon's sons still don't know how to share. (NME)

Canada things:
-Ticketmaster, why, whyyyy? (National Post / Exclaim!)
-Seeing Toronto (AND RYERSON) in the headlines feels good: for putting on the first deaf concert. (NME)
-The Acorn must be so giddy right now. (National Post)
-Whatever @ recession, record labels won't die! (National Post)

Fun things:
-NPR makes fun of SongSmith. (NPR)
-Now Thats What I Call Music is made into TV. (NME)
-NPR makes more fun at bands with strange names. (NPR)
-Best Week Ever shows off the remix for Christian Bales meltdown. (BWE)

Oh, and watch what you blog. (Exclaim!)

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