Thursday, December 4, 2008

Take a Look

So remember that beautiful woman I mentioned in my last post that was singing when Sam Roberts walked past me at my local pub?

Her name is Romney Getty.

She's a local too, except she's long distance.

Checking out her MySpace, her music doesn't exactly sound like what I remember from Tuesday night, but it's still enjoyable. While her guitar leans like a teeter-totter from country to folk, her deep voice never falls off. It's warm; it's the accompaniment to a hot chocolate by the fireplace in your cabin.

If you get a chance, check her out live. I guarantee you'll like it even more than just listening to her tracks.

For a twang party -- listen to "Ain't No Mistake"

My favourite song though is "All Along," for it's one-two punches of lazy guitar spirit. It can be heard on her MySpace.

Romney's album, Ramblin' Girl is available now. iTunes and everything!

Check her out here:
Dec. 16 -- J.D.'s -- Collingwood, Ont.
Dec. 22 -- The Hess -- Hamilton, Ont.
Dec. 27 -- Craigleith Ski Club -- Craigleighth, Ont.
Jan. 3 -- Alpine Ski Club -- Thornbury, Ont.

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