Friday, January 23, 2009

RSS Reads: As of January 23rd

It's been a while since I've updated the RSS Reads section, and now that I am, boy do I have lots of good music information for you. So I'll try to keep it brief.

Well, last time I talked about Zooey & Ben getting engaged. Since then, I've found this and realized the hilarity all over again. (Best Week Ever)

Whether Lily Allen is buying a beach, making out with lesbian twins, or terrorizing paparazzi here in London, (seriously I see her face at least twice a day, but not personally) she's accidentally sending nudie pictures to the Kaiser Chiefs. (Chart)

I still love Lily, though. I don't care how crazy and out of hand she gets. It just gets funnier.

Speaking of London, the BRIT Awards were announced this week, with the front runners being Coldplay, Duffy, and Radiohead. (Chart)

I just have a couple problems with the nominations though: Radiohead nominated for British Group but not British Live Act, all the International Albums are the same nominations for International Act (and fooey on all of them anyway), and Coldplay in general.

Cheering me up though is the fact that M.I.A. was nominated for an Oscar for the song "O...Saya" in Slumdog Millionare. I saw the movie yesterday, loved it. (Pitchfork)

Remember the O.C. and their 'prime music taste'? Well, creator Josh Schwartz is working on a new web series that include four-minute episodes with 15-second bits of bands playing. (CBC Radio 3)

In more collaboration news, members from the Constantines, Attack in Black, and Miracle Fortress have started a new label named You've Changed Records. Clever, eh? And of course their first release is the Attack in Black side project Baby Eagle. (Exclaim)

And now onto a new release: Cadence Weapon, with his new pay-as-you-want album, Seperation Anxiety. I don't really like whenever bands do this and the press is all "ooh they pulled a Radiohead" -- is this really Radiohead's claim to fame? (National Post)

Anyways, I haven't gotten the album yet, but am planning on it. Cadence is slick.

As much as I love John Mayer (yes, still, although just not as much as I used to) and his one-episode of John Mayer Has a TV Show back in 2004, apparently someone else wanted him back, as he might be getting his own variety show. (NME)

Remember when Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse were targeted on a terroris hit list? Turns out it was planted. (NME)

I just liked this picture of Donovan and his crazy imagination. (Exclaim)

Now, I'm actually bringing you some "rap" news.
Lil Wayne: I just loved this headline. "Lil Wayne Works On Rock Album, Horror Movie". It's like that rock film IS the horror movie. (Paste)

And then Bob Boilen from NPR decided to go gangster with his new look. (NPR)

And finally, the joke of Joaquin Phoenix. (National Post)

Am I providing you good music highlights? Or do you have something else to say about it? Sick of Lily Allen and Lil Wayne, or wishing the O.C. would come back to life? Well then, email Jess at

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