Monday, January 26, 2009

Take A Look: The Dodos

I've been meaning to write about this band from San Francisco for a while. I purchased their album "Visiter" back in November and have been listening to it A LOT since then.

It's simple why this record is so great. It's a formula. Pretty basic, but somehow it works in its own way for The Dodos.

Catchy, fast drum beats
Toy keyboards
Simultaneous strumming
Soft vocals, laced with quiet harmonies

Really. Just listen to "Red and Purple". Download the track here.

There's nobody here
To tell us a joke

We tear off our ears

The fire that we stoke
You wrote me a note

The pages were blank
And I, I should have known

Invisible ink

I know that I am yours and you will be mine

Come and join us in the trenches
Red and purple by our side

Say you'll never leave us
In this company of mine.

And if that's not enough, just listen to the album and you'll find you won't be able to press pause. The songs roll into one another as if they were just waiting to be played on a road trip or on a day when you just want to stay in your room and listen to music, lying on your bed with your eyes closed.

It's not just red and purple that you see when you close your eyes. Try it out.

My second favourite track off of this record, after "Red and Purple" and before "Fools" is the bashful guitar-picking "Park Song". It's delightfully cute and will be stuck in your head for days. Download it here. And for the lyrics, go here. You're going to want to sing along.

Went to the park today
Watched all the dogs as they played

None of them barked, they just hanged

Think I'll buy a dog when I get paid

Saw the girl I know from my job

I think that she must think that I'm retarded

I act so dumb when I get started

Time to cut my hair and get it parted

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