Friday, March 6, 2009

Paint the Blackhole Blacker

Alright. So I listened to St. Vincent's newest song, "The Strangers," before I watched the upcoming video. I'm listening to it again because I need to get this video out of my head.

I watched listened to all ten minutes of it. Blasphemy.

Really, points of obsurdity:
-Miley, herself.
-' "Sex on Fire" is one of the greatest songs eeeveeeer!'
-The boy that cried when he met her because he was her biggest fan, was all "I LOVED your last episode" and she said "oh yeah which one?" and he said "um.. the one with your dad... wait... I dont remember..."
-How many people can you have talk at once? for god sakes.
-Count how many times Miley says "like" and please tell me what you got.
-Right at the end, purely, "i looove weiiirdos"
-Also ... this just makes Radiohead x10 cooler.

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