Friday, March 6, 2009

SPIN updates

Hey all, if you're somehow wondering what I've been up to, I can give you a little bit more of an insight here. But for a bigger insight, please visit my abroad blog.

Pretty much the extent of the music I'm getting here is very little, surprisingly. I recently saw Passion Pit play an in-store and Elliott BROOD play, and neither of these bands are British.

Passion Pit was an interesting experience. It was right after I had to drop off my boyfriend at the airport after he visited me, so I wasn't in the best mood, but I needed the music to make me feel better. PP was a good choice, as I love their upbeat tracks off Chunk of Change. I started really listening to them when I got here, so it was a little bit of meaning. Anyways, I got there early so I waited forever. It was an in-store at this place called Pure Groove Records (fun fact, there's a street scene in my video, and that same street was featured in About a Boy, because that movie takes place in my neighborhood) which actually isn't really a record store ... it had like, 20 records behind their bar. Strange, but cool, in a weird way... Anyways, I somehow made friends with the store's intern and we chatted. I ended up bugging PP's people about getting an interview and lo and behold met Columbia Records (UK) Senior Press agent, he gave me his card. This other reporter told me he was grumpy because he was hungover, so be nice, but as soon as I mentioned SPIN he was quite jolly. So ... watched the band, filmed my stuff, and then waited forever again to get an interview. Ended up talking to drummer Nate Donmoyer.

Result: HERE.

Elliott Brood was a great time, one of the best since I've been here. Why? Because it was all about CANADA. Besides having the most random opening acts (The Barker Band -- good live sound but if they just pushed a little more, would be much better, also the lead girl looked way miserable and bitchy // Punch and the Apostles -- ridiculous! also the accordion player looked like a corpse ... ps their new single is called "I'm a Hobo") I was worried that nobody would dance or get into the Brood, because, how would they know who they are? But I was so wrong. Mainly because the place seemed to be ridiculously all Canadians, or just super enthusiastic drunk British people. Every time someone from the band mentioned Canada, the place went wild. It was awesome. It made me feel like I was at the Horseshoe, and I miss it so much. Anyways, I also wasn't expecting the Brood to put on that great of a show. They did a great job and rocked out as much as you can on a banjo and ukeleles (actually thats a lot). This crazy man totally destroyed their set and upset the Brood, but they pulled through.

Result: HERE.

Feedback would be great! How do you like what I'm doing for SPIN Earth so far? What should I be doing different? (No use suggesting anything about equipment, really.. I'm stuck right now). Also, if you're a Twitter-er, follow them here and while you're at it, follow me. Oh, and follow Muted Magazine! New issue out soon.


Burn The Bowery (music blog) said...

definitely enjoyed finding the Elliot Brood, will have to check more of their stuff out.


railroader said...

from the Punch and the Apostles myspace:

"...they seem like pretty bloody talented musicians... There’s plenty of screeched vocals that recall Black Rider-era Tom Waits from time to time... The frantic energy of it all actually reminds me a little of Man Man as well, now that I think about it."
song, by toad.(.com)

Wow, I pinned them exactly, isn't that what I said? lol. Tom Waits and Man Man indeed.