Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RSS Reads: As of March 19

I haven't updated your musical news in about a month or so now, so here's an ultimate update. Read on.

In celebrating the new release of Hazards of Love by the Decemberists, here are two awesome write ups of the rock opus. Charts, haikus, and all. Talk about album review. (Paste)

Broken Social Scene are keeping themselves in the limelight by having a book written about them and also managing to sing in a movie. (Chart)

However, Nashville band Kings of Leon are taking their publicity to a new level, by starting a complete uproar backstage at the BRIT Awards. (NME)

But Lily Allen always takes the cake. They freak out when she pukes (NME) and they absorb her lyrics to find out the obvious, especially when it's the name of the album (NPR).

Snoop Dogg is picking up on it as well. He recently converted to Islam (NME) but probably rebuked it after trying to rap with Paris Hilton. (National Post)

The more I'm writing this, the more I'm realizing how attention-grabbing each of these stories are made to be. And with that, I present to you Iggy Pop's jazz album. (Pitchfork)

Wait, wait! It gets better. Noel Gallagher had won the Best Blog at the Shockwaves NME Awards a few weeks ago, but admitted he has 'never' used a computer. Hmm... (NME)

I'm really getting ahead of myself now. Pete Wentz is afraid someone's trying to kill him. Really? I could say so much about this, but I'll spare you. (Chart)

Actress turned rockstar Juliette Lewis has spoken out about ditching her band The Licks because it just didn't work anymore. She now is backed by The New Romantiques. Classy. (NME)

Oh, here's another... Ryan Gosling has turned to music, maybe from being so confused about Rachel (forget her! p.s. someday i WILL see you on the streets of T.O.) and recorded quite a spooky video with a bunch of kids -yikes- named "In The Room Where You Sleep". It really says so much. (Chart)

Jack White has a new band. I liked this mainly for the opening line: "You first have to wonder just how many side projects one musician needs." (Paste)

Jens Lenkman doesn't need the spotlight, but he's upset about how much attention his ukelele is getting. Therefore, what's a man to do but cast his iron steed aside? (Exclaim)

In slight well-deserved news, Klaxons have been forced to completely redo their second album because their major label wasn't a big enough fan. Boo urns. (Exclaim)

And if they're looking for a modest-model award, The Cribs have got it. (NME)

Coming back from... hiding... The Beatles now are still in the fore-front of your memory because if you go to Liverpool Hope University, you can tooootaaallly study them and come out of school... what... what job would you get?! (NME)

Oh, I'd so much rather study things like music vs. sex (NME) and music vs. pain. (CBC Radio 3)

CBC has figured out how to really get into bands on Twitter. (CBC Radio 3)

And even if you're a nobody, but know technology, you can be cool too. This is just... ridiculous to me though... (National Post)

And even if you're technology, you can try and be hip like your older brother. Is this good or bad? (CBC Radio 3)

Now I'll leave you with a couple good fights. Besides the fake Ben Folds and Torquil Campbell argument, there's these, which are soo much better.

Radiohead versus Miley Cyrus AND Kanye West - so great - you can also listen to what started Miley's side here, but don't for one second mistake I'm rooting for her. Radiohead all the way. (Chart and Pitchfork)

And then there's Wayne Coyne and Win Butler, which proved to be sad and hilarious at the same time. (Pitchfork and CBC Radio 3)

And that's it! Phew. A lot of stars looking for attention in the last month, that's for sure. Now let's do them all a favor and send them mental hugs. Or you can just whine more about Rihanna and Chris Brown, ask for advice over how you should feel about it, anything really to Jess at!

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