Monday, November 24, 2008

getting into the ho-hum spirit

i'm staring at a half-finished essay on the effects of television onto children. i am waiting for pages of my newspaper to be finished; the last issue i will be contributing to. i've got one week left of Ryerson classes until my fourth year. i wish that caffeine would hit me when i drink it, not four hours later. every day i'm concerned over a summer internship. i must continue working on my final feature.

i decided to begin working on a 2008 top ten albums list, and when i spun through my itunes, i found that there were actually ONLY TEN albums i really loved this year. i'm saddened by this, but really, 2007 was so much better.

Here were my top 2007 albums, with no explanations, as my computer screen is stressing me out.

1. The Shins -- Wincing the Night Away
2. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -- Baby 81
3. Wintersleep -- Welcome to the Night Sky
4. Jose Gonzales -- In Our Nature
5. The National -- Boxer
6. MIA -- Kala
7. Arcade Fire -- Neon Bible
8. Coconut Records -- Nighttiming
9. Feist -- The Reminder
10. Of Montreal -- Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

Now, here are my favourite albums of 2007 that I unfortunately discovered in 2008:
1. Plants & Animals -- Parc Avenue
2. Spiral Beach -- Ball
3. Cut Copy -- In Ghost Colours
4. The Cansecos -- Juices!
5. Office -- A Night at the Ritz

Really, all 15 albums were pure beauty and provided my only joy of 2007, it's safe to say.

You're going to have to wait for my fave 2008, basically because I'm going to need some time to get jazzed about them again.

Here, I'll leave you in good spirits with a trailer for a movie I watched last night & thought it was amazing, as well as below that, you'll find a bit from a movie I saw the night before.

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