Sunday, November 16, 2008

whatever it takes

Alright, so I'm at work bored... waiting on an article to be finished so I can layout the page & get back home to begin a new book (Londonstani ... prepping!) and then fall asleep.

UPDATE: I guess Londonstani is not what I remembered it to be when I bought it, so for me to say "prepping"... this is not true. It's about a South Asian gang-type in London, and I'm hardly near any of that. But... it's based in London! And this clever packet I got from my new school suggested me to read London-based books before I arrive. In fact, here's an excerpt:

"Reading a London based novel is a good way to begin thinking of the diversity of London life and its inhabitants, if not to predict your experience. A wide range of contemporary fiction set in London is available. These range from Zadie Smith’s White Teeth or Monica Ali’s Brick Lane bringing the city’s ethnic diversity into focus, to Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones’ Diary, satirising a single London girl’s life, Tim Lott’s White City Blue, detailing the woes of a single London man, via urban fantasy such as Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere." /END UPDATE.

I forgot to mention in my last entry that I went to go visit the set of Degrassi (I guess because it's not exactly musically related.) But it was a ton of fun. Back in my high school days, I was pretty obsessed with the Toronto TV show, and when I found out I was moving here, I took it upon myself to make my goal be to get on their set. And lookie here, I did.

I went because I was writing an article for The Eyeopener, as four of the stars go to/went to Ryerson. Over a week's time, I interviewed all four (Evan Williams "Kelly", Nina Dobrev "Mia", Charlotte Arnold "Holly J" and Raymond Ablack "Sav.")

On a Wednesday, accompanied with my photog pal Andrew, we trekked an hour out to the North York set to hang out during lunch time with the cast & crew. We sat in their set's cafeteria, saw all of the rooms they film in (for the most part like dorm rooms, class rooms, bed rooms, fun rooms), and hung around on the school's famous front stoop looking over the fake street set where the crew gets to park their cars in order for it to look real. It was scary quiet as it was their last day filming, but still the high school girl in me was just too excited. Seeing things up close that I've seen on screen for years, and being able to report on it, just redeemed my love of Toronto & of journalism.

Anyways, for the story, go here.

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