Saturday, November 15, 2008

hey stranger

In terms of where priorities lie, I'll never get it point straight.

Since September, like everyone else, I've been coordinating trying to get good grades in university, do well at my job, see my few different groups of friends on a regular basis, be a good girlfriend, a good roommate, and write. But what's happened so far is I've gotten alright grades, managed to hand everything in on time, do an alright job at the Eyeopener but not as well as I had hoped, rarely see my friends, have actually been a good girlfriend and roommate (i hope), but I've barely been writing, for Chart, Round Letters, or for my own.

Enough with my pity party.

Nothing's terrible, I'm just tuckering out. However, I do need to buck up though, as I got my final yes to move to LONDON, ENGLAND! I'll be leaving this continent for one I've always longed for in January, and will not be back until May. But rest assure, I will be bringing you hopefully just as many musical musings from the good ol UK. I'll miss my precious Canada and just as precious national musicians. I hope they come visit and play some gigs I'll be able to show you. But, the great British bands I will see! Hooray.

Anyways, in the time since SPIN video #2 (haven't heard back, by the way, in a while..) I've seen Wynton Marsalis, Of Montreal, Shout Out Out Out Out, and Sam Roberts. I've also volunteered at Canzine and now a whole new world is open for me.

Of Montreal was pretty good, but not as amazing as they were a year ago at the Opera House. Kevin Barnes gets more insane with age. He stripped down to bare a shiney orange speedo capped off by a huge purple belt for most of the show, while back up dancers were grinding up on one another and the rest of the musicians just having this slightly brainwashed smirk on their faces. Needless to say, it was still enjoyable. But I really can't handle all ages shows. Insane fifteen year old emo kids don't really know much about Of Montreal, I'm sure, and when it came to songs like "Disconnect the Dots", hardly any of them knew what to do with themselves.

Shout Out Out Out Out was pretty fun, even though I was by myself. You can check out my review for it here. And my photos for it here (apparently more people hate my photos than they like them...). Also, if you haven't listened to Not Saying/Just Saying, do it. RIGHT NOW. and proceed to have a party.

Of course Sam Roberts was awesome, seriously. I was a little miffed at paying 40 bucks to go see him instead of seeing a free Spiral Beach show that night, but I guess it all worked out. I'm still sad I missed SB but i hope they come to London when I'm there. Anyways, The Stills opened, and they actually really weren't good. I saw them a few months ago at the Horseshoe, and that show rocked. But this, I don't know whether it was the venue (haha, read this), or just first-show of the week jitters, or something. I just couldn't jive to it, and the guys in the bands seemed to be making a lot of egotistical moves. The music's still good, so they can pride themselves on that. Anyways, SR was awesome, but I've got to say, the two times I've seen him free in Buffalo were way better. But whatever! Played moreso off of Love at the End of the World, but a few classics like of course "Mind Flood." Yesterday, two of my roommates and I went to go see the band play a small set at Sonic Boom, and that pretty much made my day. So close, so awesome, and they genuinely looked like they were having fun playing the songs and talking to their fans.

Canzine was awesome, I met all of the really amazing people from Broken Pencil, bought some amazing little treasures, and felt to be a good part of something so creative in Toronto.

Till next time (hopefully not another month later...) This week I'll be going to see Winter Gloves and Levi Weaver. Also, I hope to get another BestFirst in soon. However, this might not be a while because as my priorities lie, I've got to get to work on a big English paper, my final feature on a sweet coffee shop, as well as a few other deeds.

Here are some more videos:

Cadence Weapon -- "Black Hand"

Wintersleep -- "Weighty Ghost"

Woodhands -- "Under Attack"

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